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08 Sep 2019
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Paragliding distance flight traversing the Alps: from Salzburg to Monaco

UNIQUE! is definitely the term for this paragliding adventure through the Alps. A flying odyssey for all you passionate cross country paragliders. We invite you to take advantage of our experience traversing the Alps (already completed 3 times, including once with clients) and to embark in the air for a magnificent flight of over 1000kms. This is not a cross country course but an exclusive project in the life of a pilot where you will discover the most beautiful areas of free flight in the Alpine arc.

From the green mountains of Salzburg to the bluish horizons of the Maritime Alps and Monaco, passing through the crown of Switzerlands 4000m peaks, soaring past Mont-Blanc and the Ecrins, we will walk together sharing magical moments: adventure on a human scale.

The idea: Departing from Salzburg under your paraglider wing, over 4 staggered stages, we propose a full paragliding traverse of the Alps without competitive pressure and with the aim of arriving in Monaco for a dip in the blue sea.


Level: That's the point: you don't have to be a mutant cross country racer!

  • You will need to be an autonomous pilot, able to handle 40-50kms flights
  • You must fly with equipment that you know and master (wing, harness, rescue...)
  • You must have completed at least one SIV course
  • This project is therefore aimed at experienced pilots

Included/Not Included

What is included in this paragliding course?


  • Included: Instructor, Transfer from France to start point, local transfers during the flight stages, radio, half board accommodation

  • Not included: FFVL Insurance (compulsory), drinks, meals, everything that is not listed as included.

When you make your reservation we will send you a detailed technical description of your course where everything is clearly explained!




Paragliding strategy to cross the Alps


  • To manage to keep a homogeneous group our objectives will be fixed according to the weather conditions but especially according to the physical form and motivation of the group
  • We set a daily maximum distance that should not be exceeded so as not to lose any fledglings and not generate frustration
  • We define together the level of commitment for the upcoming flight day
  • We fly together
  • A transfer vehicle to take-offs and collection points




The philosophy of this paragliding cross country project is to share a group adventure


Like sailors who embark on a long distance voyage and whose collective success requires the strength of each member for the team's benefit. It is therefore a collective group adventure, a human challenge but also - and most necessarily - a story of friendship that we suggest you build. It will take the alchemy of hard core, motivated people, those hungry for discovery, pleasure and who can hold up over the distance...

You will need to know how to be open minded, curious to explore and ready to accept the weaknesses of others on certain days, just as they will accept yours. In short, we must all put away our ego in our pockets and agree to soar as one together!



Organisation of the paragliding traverse of the Alps


Equipment: Ideally you would need a B/B+ or C approved wing. If you have light or semi-light equipment it is better, sometimes we may have to walk a bit. You must alos have a harness with passive protection and a rescue parachute.

Comfort: Unlike a Xalps, no stage is compulsory! If you are tired, not feeling it one day, you can always decide to rest… or not to fly. Accommodation will be in lodges, hotels or B&B to recover well.

Our role: We will be your squadron leaders. As such, Alpwind will organise each stage: travel, accommodation options, listing of flight sites, cross country flight plan... On the ground, we will do the weather analysis and offer flight options. In the air, we will be by your side to help you, encourage you, motivate you. But it is also us who will decide the start or stop point for the day (collective or individual) according to the general condition of the group or specific to each person. We assume the risk management for the flight conditions for the group, to guarantee the safety for all members.

Your role: This is a co-constructed adventure, so there is no "consumerist" attitude. Each person is able to offer site options, flight routes and various objectives. There is nothing better than to discover the small site or the good restaurant that you will have found! But one rule prevails: respect for the group goal.

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