Single Skin Progression Course

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Pilots with previous single skin experience
5 days
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19 Sep 2022
159€ per day
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Progress your Single Skin skills to access mountain flight

You have completed the Single Skin Beginners Course or you are already a qualified paraglider and you wish to progress with better control of your wing in the air? Still not comfortable flying solo? Need to gain more confidence? Are you confident on calm morning flights and want to learn to manage in the wind? Begin approaching thermals? Always looking to develop your autonomy with Hike & Flight, we offer you this Progression course.

(It is possible to validate your Beginners Pilot Licence).


Décollage en parapente monosurface de l'aiguille du midi

Take-off from the Aiguille du Midi


Included/Not Included


What is included in the course?


  • Included: 2 Instructors, transfers to flying sites, paragliding wing, harness with airbag, rescue kit, radio, helmet, safety parachute.

  • Not included: FFVL Insurance (compulsory), drinks, meals, accommodation, everything that is not listed as included.

When you make your reservation we will send you a detailed technical description of your course where everything is clearly explained!

You will be able to fly wings including the following models: Air Design UFO 1 and UFO 2, Skyman Sir Edmund 2, Independence Tensing, Dudek Run and Fly, Niviuk Skin 3, Ozone XXLite 2 etc.


Find information to prepare for your course.


Become autonomous in Mountain Flight

In order to gain autonomy in paragliding on mountain take-offs, or from rest stops, we will focus on analysing the conditions, progressing your Pilot Safety Attitude as well as controlling the wing in various situations. For this we will work on:

  • Landing precision
  • The logic of adaptation (take-off/landing)
  • How to hold your wing on a slope
  • How to handle a heavy backpack
  • Single Skin specific rapid descent methods
  • Flying in the wind and crossing through turbulence
  • How to approach thermals
  • Control of the wing front facing for short take-offs
  • Pilot Safety Attitude level 2


Le Parmelan après un vol en thermique

Thermal flight after a take-off in the mountains




Alpwind is an (EFVL) French Free Flying School affiliated to the French Federation of Free Flight (FFVL) Fédération Française de Vol Libre (FFVL).

We are Paragliding instructors high mountain guide and mountain leader.

The Progression Course is aimed at pilots who have completed the Single Skin Beginners Course or are already qualified paragliders and wish to further their autonomy and progress further with safety and serenity.

The uniqueness of this single skin paragliding course lies in the spirit for which it was created. With the light and low volume of material in these wings, weight is no longer a problem and enables pilots to hike to reach high altitude sites. It will therefore be necessary to accept to walk a little and be in good shape. 

We will try as much as possible to vary the styles of take-offs in the mountains including, if the conditions are suitable, take-off in snow.

You will need a medical certificate stating «no contraindications to paragliding» which will be necessary to apply for your Pilots Licence.


La vallée blanche en alpinisme avec des crampons pendant un stage de parapente

Crossing the Vallée Blanche in crampons to get to the take-off 




The week schedule (depending on weather conditions):


  • 1 or 2 flying days dedicated to rapid descents (rotations, ears) as well as dynamic piloting axes

  • 1 or 2 days of mountain flights dedicated to analysing conditions, planning the flight, choosing take-offs and landings

  • Soaring in mild conditions, preparation for first thermals

  • The wind: inflate and lower your wing, front facing, specific techniques

  • Theory lessons: mountain weather, group flight, dynamic flight

  • Pilot Safety Attitude level 2

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