Bivouac Flight Discovery

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Autonomous Pilots
2 days
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159€ per day
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Bivouac Flight: nature and paragliding

Do you want to get away from it all under your wing? Clear your mind but also discover new paragliding sites while continuing to improve your piloting?

We offer you a 2 days bivouac flight discovery course, paragliding simplicity in nature.

Bivouac flight  is perhaps the purest form of flight. By combining paragliding, hiking and nights in tents, we experience nature in an intense way. During these days we will combine the discovery of new sites and thermal management with hiking to reach wild landscapes. The bivouac (a comfortable one!) will be the occasion for friendly, original and warm moments!

For what kind of pilot?

You are an autonomous pilot (classic paraglider or single skin) with at least 50 solo flights in calm conditions.You already have notions of thermal flight or soaring and manage reverse launch. You are in good physical shape and can walk for 3 hours with a 7-8kg backpack.


Included/Not Included

What is included in the course?


  • Included: 2 Instructors, transfers to flying sites, radio, helmet, tent.

  • Not included: FFVL Insurance (compulsory), drinks, meals, accommodation, everything that is not listed as included.

When you make your reservation we will send you a detailed technical description of your course where everything is clearly explained!


Discover the basics of Bivouac Flight

The objective of this course is first of all to discover the basics of bivouac flight, along with other flight progression techniques: 

  •     What material is needed in Bivouac Flight?
  •     How to imagine a Bivouac Flight plan?
  •     Where and how to land? the tactical choices!
  •     Some tips to spend a night with your equipment
  •     Weather analysis and adaptation of the project
  •     Knowing how to concentrate and relax effectively in flight
  •     Improve thermal management

The main thing is to focus on all the points which allow you to experience beautiful moments of escapism. We are not looking for a great distances but the acquisition of skills and of course the pleasure of super flights, beautiful walks and good times together.


Alpwind is an (EFVL) French Free Flying School affiliated to the French Federation of Free Flight (FFVL) Fédération Française de Vol Libre (FFVL).

The philosophy of the bivouac flight course is above all to experience moments in the heart of nature that combine hiking and flying. This amounts to saying comfort will be basic but beautiful moments will be shared by a fire.

Maybe a bit of curiosity and waiting before taking to the air but a great satisfaction of wild flights. A few intense moments but a lot of fun.

The role of your instructor is beyond technical advice, is role is to give you the keys to fully appreciate this kind of adventure.


The day before the course we will access the weather report and offer you a suitable site.

We will transfer in the morning to the starting point, first by vehicle then with a little walking. We will carry out one or more flights to reach the bivouac site. Night in a tent or under a tarpaulin. The next day we take-off trying to follow a logical line. A vehicle will collect us to bring us back to the start point.

Subjects covered:

  •     How to imagine a realistic path
  •     How to manage your physical effort
  •     What to pack: the essentials and the superfluous
  •     Where to position yourself to be effective
  •     How to be opportunistic in the air conditions
  •     Choose an altitude rest technique

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