Andalusia - Spain: Thermal & X-Country

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Autonomous Pilots at take-off & landing
7 days
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20 Mar 2021
895€ per person
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Andalusia: Paragliding and Thermal Flight improvement

Spain, more precisely Andalusia, is a must-see paragliding destination. At the very beginning of spring the thermals are already present here whilst the Alps are still under the snow. The Alpwind school offers you a short stay to warm up the hand controls and be ready when the flying season resumes in France. With local vultures to accompany you in the air, the oche coloured land, white "casa" and its delicious tapas on landing you will quickly be won over.

Between Granada and Algodonales, one of the best known sites in Spanish paragliding, our itinerant trip offers you a fabulous journey to the heart of sites with a thousand colours. Between mountain flying in Cenes at the gateway to the Sierra Nevada, coastal soaring in La Herradura or plain flying in Ortiz, the choice is vast. Only 90mins by plane from Lyon or Geneva this holiday will thrill any pilot thirsty for thermal, distance and contemplation, with a warm and colourful atmosphere!

Group: 6 persons maximum

When you make your reservation we will send you a detailed technical description.


Fly in Andalusia by Christophe Guyon on Vimeo.

Included/Not Included


What is included in the course?



Not included:

  • Flights - approx 150€, the earlier you book the cheaper!
  • Insurance
  • Paragliding Licence
  • Drinks
  • Meals - approx 200€
  • Everything that is not listed as included

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Regain confidence under your paraglider and prepare for summer cross country flights!

The objective of this stay is to discover Andalusian flight spots, to improve your thermal movements or even to start in cross country. It is also an opportunity to get back to good piloting bases in mild thermals between +2 to +4 without being frightened before the flying season really begins in France.


Thermal training

  • Theoretical briefing on thermal/mecavol
  • Find the thermal
  • Harness the thermal and stay in it
  • Piloting in the ascenders
  • Get the ceiling
  • Anticipate turbulence

Safety training

  • Pilot Safety Attitude: human factors, stress management, relaxation to fly calmly.
  • Piloting attitude in the harness
  • Disassociation of actions
  • Capacity for analysis and adaptation
  • Autonomy on emergency folding (yes it's the start of the season so a check is needed!)



You have already completed a thermal improvement course and are able to stay 30mins in an established thermal.

You know and master your own equipment.

You have notions of piloting outside of the flight area.


Alpwind is an (EFVL) French Free Flying School affiliated to the French Federation of Free Flight (FFVL).

We favour quality training courses and holidays to help our students progress in their piloting and their discovery of thermal flight in serenity and whilst having fun.

In order for your pilot experience to be as solid and as comprehensive as possible under your paraglider, we bring you structured and comprehensive educational content both technical and practical.



Once in Granada we will head to the first flight spot depending on the weather

Checking the correct operation of the rescue parachute

Safety briefing for the week and presentation of the various flight sites

Typical day 

Breakfast together with weather analysis and choice of site 

First flight in calm air with some exercises and spotting of possible landings 

Thermal flight 

Debriefing for the day whilst enjoying the local tapas 

*A quick sandwich can be taken during the day

In case of bad weather

Theory of thermal flight and prepare a small cross country fliight with tools such as Xcplanner or Thermal KK7

Visit the Andalusian region

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