The Long Flight 40-60mins

April to September
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The aerial adventure! 40-60mins flight 


From April to September, an aerial adventure over the Mont-Blanc massif! The long flight is a unique experience to live with our expert pilots.

Taking advantage of the day's conditions we will fly over the mountains and lakes of the valley. Comfortably seated, you will fly in front of the most beautiful panoramic viewpoints over the Brévent, the Aiguilles Rouges, the Grands-Montets, the Drus...


You can offer this flight as a gift: please contact us


Vol en biplace tandem parapente longue durée devant le mont blanc et les grands montets à 3000m

The view from over 3000m of altitude!



We will fly together from the mid station at Planpraz from where will explain how to fly in the mountains of Chamonix. If you wish, you can help pilot the wing over the valley and learn the basics of paragliding. For the more adventurous we can perform acrobatics and create an adrenaline rush! 

When paragliding there is no vertigo or fear of heights (yes it is true! It is like looking out of an airplane window).

You don't need any special skill as a passenger except to be able to run a few steps and the landing in the centre of Chamonix is very gentle.

If you wish, a photos and videos option of your flight is available for you to keep this fantastic memory (30€).




"A truly magical experience with two experienced and caring pilots. To do at least once in your life, there is no feeling of vertigo! Thank you so much."

Leonie, France - Juillet 2019




If you are in a group, you can all fly at the same time to share a moment suspended together above Chamonix.

Paragliding over Chamonix is a moment that you will remember for the rest of your life!


Vol en parapente biplace devant le massif du Mont Blanc depuis Planpraz Le Brévent

Learn to fly in front of the Mont-Blanc

Vour preparer


Vol en parapente biplace au dessus des glaciers dans le massif du Mont-Blanc

Above the glaciers during an exceptional flight




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