Intermediate/Advanced Cross Country Course

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Intermediate/advanced Pilots
2-3 days
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13 Aug 2022
165€ per day
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X-country paragliding flight

"From the top of my thermal I would like to go further with my paraglider, to venture beyond the ridges... but I don't dare to". 

This is one of the reasons our students come to our school. X-Country is indeed a very beautiful and fascinating discipline that must be approached with humility and method. We will teach you to analyse, plan your flights, work on your mental ability, give you achievable goals, flying patience, be opportunists, dreamers…

To ensure a superior educational experience and flight safety we limit this course to a very small group.

Group: 4 persons maximum


Vol en parapente à Pormenaz face au massif du mont-blanc

Flight in the Aiguilles Rouges opposite the Mont-Blanc massif.



Included/Not Included

What is included in the course?


  • Included: 1 or  2 Instructors (according group size) transfers to flying sites, radio.

  • Not included: FFVL Insurance (compulsory), drinks, meals, accommodation, everything that is not listed as included.

When you make your reservation we will send you a detailed technical description of your course where everything is clearly explained!

If you need equipment please visit our online shop.


Find information to prepare for your course.


Cross Country Paragliding: technique and opportunism

During the 3 days of this cross country course we will try to optimise the conditions by analysing sites with high flying potential, by setting a goal and a realistic flight plan. You will also learn the concept of "rebound", the ability to be opportunistic. End of day flight debriefings take place in order to analyse what was successful or not and be able to progress for the next day's flight.

  • Research information to prepare for your day.
  • Use planning tools like Xc planner or to visualise thermals with sites like KK7 Thermic
  • Plan your flight with an achievable goal
  • Make your aerological choices
  • Use a GPS to optimize your flight plans

Training subjects

  • Piloting: Piloting at the rear and accelerator: what flight plan to cross over? - Active piloting in turbulence - Thermal optimisation - Group flight management.
  • Analysis: relief, flight paths and aerology of the flight zone, thermal strategy: prospecting, exploiting, temporising, moving
  • Mental: stress management and vigilance level on a long distance flight; active relaxation.
  • Theory: Flying in turbulence, detailed weather and aerology, in-depth flight mechanics

Prerequisites: Have completed a SIV training course.

Level 1 and 2 (see below)


Parapente au dessus de la chaine des fiz depuis Passy Plaine-Joux

On course above the Fiz mountains





It is important that the training course can be customised


The reason why the "First Cross Country" course is limited to 4 people is so:

  • The instructor has time for each student.
  • Progress is personalised: everyone at their own pace.
  • You will not fly with fear in your stomach: we will try to optimise and control everything you do.
  • We identify each individuals areas to work on to further refine your progress.
  • We have fun, because that's what drives positive progress.


ALPWIND is a French Paragliding School (EFVL) affiliated to the French Federation of Free Flight (FFVL). We are paragliding instructors and also a high mountain guide and mountain leader.

Why the cost of this course?  We are convinced that quality is paramount in the training of future pilots. Paragliding being a risky sport, it is important the training content is thorough and comprehensive to maintain a high level of safety and serenity. Your instructors are by your side for full training days, on practical, technical as well as theoretical parts of the course.


Selfie en parapente à chamonix face au Glacier des Bossons et aiguille du Midi

The end of a flight above Chamonix opposite the glaciers.




The meeting point will be decided and you will be informed the day before the start of the course in order to optimise the first day.

Each day will proceed as follows: analysis of the previous day and preparation of a route A and B. Validation of conditions in the morning and choice of route.

  •     Transfer to the take-off site
  •     Flight
  •     Analysis and flight debriefing
  •     Preparation for the next day

At this level, one instructor will fly with you, he will help you to find your place if you miss a cycle. However, it is obvious that you must arrive at the course with a level of piloting which will allow you to follow the group. If you have any doubts, prior to the course don't hesitate to come to see us for a review!

The feasible routes
Depending on the time of year (between March and September) we will be either fly in Chamonix, Annecy or at a site with the most suitable weather forecast. From these sites it is possible to make flights at the sites of Planfait, La Forclaz, Planpraz-le Brévent, Plaine-Joux, however we can also travel to Montlambert or Saint Hilaire if the weather conditions require. Our goal is to find the best take-off point for a distance flight.

For exemple: Chamonix  > Combloux > Plaine-Joux, Tour du Lac d’Annecy, Marlens > Montlambert...



Level 1 - Autonomous at an unrecognised landing site, efficient in thermals (holding capacity), capable of flying 90mins, have already flown 20kms

Level 2 -  As above + at ease in marked thermal conditions, able to fly 2 hours or more, have already flown between 20 to 40kms

Level 3 - Able to fly 4 hours or more, able to handle turbulent areas, flight objective of 60kms and more


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