Antoine Girard - Bivouac Master Class

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Level 5 Pilots with or without bivouac flight experience
4 best days in 5 days
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05 Sep 2022
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Learn with the best!


No need to present Antoine Girard, the living legend of bivouac flying.

He is the only man to thermal at above 8000m, the world record holder of altitude gain over the Aconcagua, Podium at Red Bull X-Alps, potential National Geographic adventurer of the year etc.


During 4 days, Antoine Girard and Martin Beaujouan will share their bivouac flying experience during a Master Class. This is a unique training course for pilots who wish to discover the secrets of success in this domain.

Antoine and Martin are passionate about the transmission of their knowledge. They have flown in the most remote mountain ranges on the planet during their expeditions: Himalaya, Karakorum, Andes, Atacama, Tien-Shan, Namibia...


Come and share their experience!


Group: 6 pilots maximum




Included/Not Included

What is included in the course?



If you wish to prepare your next trip, expedition or paragliding travel plans. Or you want to become an expert in adventure flying... this Master Class is made for you!

It is an investment to have information and practical training which is usable in the field, to increase your safety in bivouac, high altitude flying and X-Country flying.


The goals are:

  • How to prepare your flight for bivouac and other paragliding trips? (mapping, weather, topography, etc.)

  • How to choose your material to fly? (Wing, tent, camping gear etc.)

  • How to repair your equipment? (splices, tears, general repairs etc.)

  • Creating and using a pharmacy kit

  • How to manage food and water?

  • Navigation when flying

  • Managing electronics

  • Choose your top landing and bivouac location

  • Take-off and top landing techniques

  • General physical preparation (for trips and competition)

  • How to build a team

  • How to manage the mind (motivation, emotions...) during a flight, an expedition, in a group or solo

  • The means of communication (how to film, take beautiful images, photos, videos etc.)

  • How to pack your equipment in the harness?

  • How to repair your equipment?

  • The dangers of bivouac flight (fatigue, heavy harness, fear of having to walk etc.)

  • Use your equipment for a makeshift bivouac in the wild

  • How to manage altitude and acclimatise (specifically for paragliding)

  • How to go from a "small" project to a "large" project, in France or elsewhere

  • All your comments and questions are welcome!


Why the cost of this course? We are convinced that this unique training course will be a very good investment for your safety and your long-term flying enjoyment. In order to ensure that you get the best out of this course, we ensure we have the best instructors, materials for repairs and pharmacy lessons are provided. For our students, with the acquisition of new skills during this course, you will definitely be aware of your skills, before and after this training.


For who? The Master Class Paragliding Bivouac Flight course is aimed at pilots practicing distance flight. If you already practice bivouac flight it is an extra benefit and you will be able to directly apply the advice learned during this training!

We will alternate between course phases and practical exercises during the training. We will spend at least one night in a bivouac and we will go hiking in the mountains.

We will also carry out several long duration flights. The level of paragliding required is the confirmed pilot's licence (achievement of distance flight).


It is clear that we will most likely be hiking to access wild take-offs so being in good physical shape is an advantage to enjoy this course.

There is no age limit.


Most importantly, we are here to help you make your dreams come true with maximum security and safety.

During this course safety is our mantra! (There is no obligation to perform an exercise, if you aren't feeling... it then you are right!)


Please also look at our bivouac flight discovery to start in this discipline.


Martin Beaujouan bivouac sous les étoiles du desert de l'Atacama

A bivouac at altitude is always the promise of an incredible sky for taking pictures!


The meeting place will most probably be Chamonix but we keep the possibility of meeting elsewhere in the Alps if the weather is capricious. Summer will not yet be with us and spring conditions sometimes require adaptation. 

The idea is to be able to apply knowledge in practice.


The 5 day schedule:

  • Adaptation of the schedule according to the weather to ensure flight slots

  • Theory lessons and practical applications

  • Discussions throughout the course

  • Distance flight or multiple distance flights if conditions allow

  • Take-offs and landings at altitude

  • A bivouac night or more than one if possible

  • Mountain approach walks

  • A rest day


Please consult Our Calendar to see all our course dates.


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