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Passion for flying

With a vast experience of paragliding developed at the Annecy and Chamonix sites, the AlpWind school offers you training courses for Beginner Paragliders, thermal flight and long distance flight (x-country)

Take advantage of our experience to discover the Chamonix valley from the sky during a tandem flight!

AlpWind are a team of pilots passionate about mountain flying, adventure and sharing their knowledge.

In addition to the regular team, we host specialists in their teaching fields: Marc Carrère (mental preparation), Antoine Girard (bivouac flight), etc.

Our philosophy: The best quality paragliding teaching. The training courses optimised with small groups ensure conviviality and allow students to progress in peace, at their own pace, with a view to quickly finding autonomy.

Our priority: Train responsible pilots, aware of their abilities achieving the most out of their flights safely and having the maximum fun under their wing.


Light is Right!

AlpWind is a centre of specialist instructors of Thermal Flight as well as Hike and Fly, Mountain Flying and Bivouac Flight. We are also professionals teaching paragliding with Single Skin wings.

This is why lightness, Hike and Fly type courses are in the genes of the school! 

We have a large selection of latest generation wings, harnesses and emergency parachutes, in almost new condition.


Annecy or Chamonix

Concerned about offering the best playgrounds and learning terrain, AlpWind's courses are structured around two major sites known the world over... Annecy and Chamonix. An incredible flying opportunity for any pilot! From the simple and enchanting flight over Lake Annecy to the majestic thermals facing Mont-Blanc, we will guide you from your first steps in paragliding to long distance flights through the Alps.


Paragliding for all

Beginner or confirmed pilot, alone or in a group, we offer a schedule of paragliding outings "à la carte" as well as specific training, including passing the License, mountain flying or advanced piloting.


 The paragliding school is an official EFVL (Ecole Française de Vol Libre), affiliated with the FFVL (Fédération Française de vol Libre).


Big adventures

AlpWind are highly qualified instructors able to help you prepare for and realise your big performance dreams, whether it is cross country, high altitude flying or expeditions.                                       We offer you new adventures such as Traverse the Alps or a training module and preparation for international adventures.

Curious by nature and thirsty for other horizons, we also organise worldwide paragliding during autumn and winter. Our paragliding holidays are divided into two themes: adventure-exploration and discovery-tourism. 

So buckle up your harness and get on board with AlpWind in the wind!


Logo Alpwind petit

The Team

Martin Beaujouan

Co-founder, DEJEPS Paragliding, Mountain Leader and Nordic Ski Instructor


Philippe Collet

Co-founder, DEJEPS Paragliding and High Mountain Guide


Paragliding instructor, mountain leader and nordic ski instructor, Martin is a mountain dweller at heart. He enjoys transmitting his passion and the pleasure of flying by training pilots of all levels, from beginners to long distance enthusiasts. Photography is also a way to share his vision of the mountains, and the planet from the sky.


Martin has flown a few thousand kilometres in bivouac flights over the years: through Kyrgystan, the Andes (2700km including the first long distance flights in the Atacama desert), Indian Himalayas and of course in the Alps.

He has also been a competitor for many years participating on the pre-world cup circuit and multiple participations in the French championships with the most demanding wings. He participated two times on the toughest adventure race in the world (2019 Team Antoine Girard, 2021 Team Benoit Outters): the Red Bull X-Alps.


Paragliding fanatic, he will be delighted to share a flight with you, a hike or a summit, during a day or an entire trip.


Paragliding instructor, canyoning guide, high mountain guide at Chamex, trainer at the French National school of Mountaineering and Ski Ecole Nationale de Ski et d'Alpinisme, Philippe is a jack of all trades! Speedriding or Long distance, Aerobatics or Hike and Fly, he switches happily from one discipline to another.


But his deepest motivation lies in the support and training of pilots, from the first take-off to the most unexpected summits.

Philippe has achieved a traverse of the Alps mixing bivouac flight and climbing, a bivouac flight in Bulgaria. Speed-riding he has achieved a traverse of the Alps by speed-riding and ski, with the first Speed-Riding descent of the Aiguille Verte.


And that doesn't include the long list of his mountaineering accomplishments.


"Knowing how to have fun and admire" would be his motto and his personal quest takes him in search of new horizons punctuated by beautiful human encounters.

Antoine Girard

Specialist in bivouac flights and mountaineering flights



Portrait noir et blanc de Antoine Girard notre spécialiste du vol-bivouac    

We no longer need to introduce Antoine, everyone has heard of his adventures in the Karakorum!


Antoine first started as a competitive climber before moving towards mountaineering, the 8000m summits and then paragliding. He then mixed his passions using paragliding as a means of approaching the immense peaks of Pakistan and Nepal.

With four starts taken at the Red Bull X-Alps, a 4th place and a podium, as well as two Airtour victories, he is an outstanding competitor in hike and fly.


Antoine joins the team for Master Class training in bivouac flights, a unique opportunity to learn with THE specialist in the discipline.